Climate Story MA

About Us

This survey was developed by the Climate Resilience Comms Working Group, made up of select Barr Foundation climate resilience grantees, that meet monthly to create and lead strategic communications work focused around a common agenda to strengthen regional climate resilience communications.

Our aim is to support the diverse ecosystem of organizations who are doing climate resilience work – grassroots organizations, local organizers, and policy-makers and leaders at multiple levels of government – to collectively shift the narrative about the proximity of the climate crisis and what we can do now to ensure everyone’s safety.

So, as part of this work we are gathering stories from residents about how climate change impacts them and what they need to protect themselves and each other.

Who’s in the working group?

We envision this to be a long-term strategic project, and anticipate that the composition of this group will change over time. The initial cohort of the working group includes:


  • Al Vega, Liam Quinn, MassCOSH
  • Darya Mattes, North Suffolk Office of Resilience and Sustainability
  • Deanna Moran, Conservation Law Foundation
  • Emily Norton, Charles River Watershed Association
  • Iliana Panameño, GreenRoots
  • Julie Wormser, Mystic River Watershed Association
  • Rebecca Herst, UMass Boston, Sustainable Solutions Lab
  • Stacey Kokoram, Courtney Mark Grey, Boston Public Health Commission, Office of Public Health Preparedness
  • Van Du, Metropolitan Area Planning Council
  • Barr Foundation provides advisory support, allyship, and financial sponsorship in the form of traditional grants and securing Samara resources for strategic communications.
  • Samara Collective convenes the working group, facilitate working sessions, build a multi-channel strategic communications campaign based upon the Group’s agenda and produce supporting materials and tactics for the campaign